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Air pollution has become a major concern in today’s date. With the increasing number of vehicles, industries and pressure from growing population, the amount of particulate matter in the air of certain cities is indeed alarming. To curb this menace, international bodies, governments and even NGOs have come forward.

One of the most concrete steps in this direction has been taken by the governments that put a strict limit on the number of effluents that an industry can release into the air. The government has also made it mandatory to treat the effluents and remove certain vicious elements.

Even otherwise, air pollution control panels are required to safeguard the health of the workers in the industry and ensure the durability of sensitive machinery. Excessive discharge of untreated air pollutants can render the area in and around your industry unsafe for human habitation or plant growth. The World Health Organization has cautioned that air pollutants fall under group one carcinogens and can cause severe health problems on long time exposure. At present, the government has nearly 600 centres to monitor air quality spread across different towns and cities in all 29 states and 5 union territories.

Moreover, in an environmentally sensitive world, it is important for the industries to act responsibly. If you are irresponsive towards the environment and do not follow government norms, you may have to pay the heavy penalty and face criminal charges for your action. It can also have a damaging impact on the reputation of your organization.

Get Dependable Solutions by DMSL

To aid your commitment towards the environment and make pollution control easier, DMSL has come up with a range of highly engineered air pollution control devices. Made keeping in mind the diverse needs of different industries, our pollution control systems are tailor-cut to suit your needs.

For highly specific needs, we also make custom solutions as per the requirements tabled by our clients. In order to ensure that you can totally depend on us, our engineers go through your case specifically and recommend solutions that can perfectly complement your needs.

Why Choose Us For Your Needs?

Over the years, DMSL has risen to be the number of choice of industries looking for efficient air pollution control equipment. And it is your trust in us, which has propelled our team to constantly strive for excellence. If you are partnering with DMSL for the first time, here are some points that may like to know:

  • High Quality: We understand how annoying it must be to install machinery that demands maintenance again and again. That is why at DMSL we emphasize on the highest quality for all our products. Since our products undergo rigorous testing before delivery, the chances of problems cropping up later are negligible.
    Our products are also very low maintenance so you may count them as a one-time investment.
  • Cost Effective Solutions: We understand that while our clients would like to have dependable and quality products, they would not want it to topple their balance sheet. That is why at DMSL, we ensure that the quality matches the cost efficiency. All out products- be it the Collecting Plates or the rotary air valves and domes, are smart in design and low in cost.

So, you can go for them without a second thought or without having to waste your time on comparing them to other products.

  • High Manufacturing Capacity: We understand how difficult it is to wait for the machinery once you have ordered for them. With DMSL by your side, you need to wait no more. With three production units situated at prime locations, we ensure that our clients receive their requirements well before the assigned time. Even if you are opting for a custom made product, our production team will give equal attention to it and ensure it is ready in no time.
    So, even if you have a heavy volume order, you can depend on DMSL with closed eyes.
  • Latest Technology: Technology is fast progressing. What may be counted as an innovation today may become an obsolete thing of the past in no time. With so much of the research being devoted to the pollution niche, here the changes are felt even faster. At DMSL, we keep our selves abreast with all the latest changes both in terms of technology and government policy.
    Each of our products is made as per the latest technology of the time. Apart from that, we also pay special attention to the regulations so that once you fit our products; you don’t have to put a second thought in that direction.
  • Industries That Use Our Solutions: Some of the user industries that depend on our solutions include Alumina, PVC Resin, Salt, Sand, Ash, Cement Clinker, Pesticide, Soap powder, Talc, Food powder and so on.

Our Product Range

Our product range consists of a large number of items, including Lifting beams, collecting electrodes, ESP Electrodes and integrated air pollution control panels. However, we are not limited to just these products. Even if you require a different kind of machinery that is not at present in our production line, we will design, fabricate and deliver as per your requirements.

To gain a better understanding of the design and quality we deliver, take a look at some of our popular products:

Electrostatic Precipitators

Ideal for use in industries that emit a large volume of gases, the electrostatic precipitators charge the small particulate matters that cannot be trapped through the mesh. It can efficiently control dust, smoke and fine metal particles. The collection efficiency of our electrostatic precipitators is much higher than the wet scrubbers and the like which were in high use till the past decade.

The electrostatic precipitators are also used in combination without other products such as collecting electrodes for high performance.

Collecting Electrodes

The collecting electrodes make collection and disposal of particles through the hoppers easier. The high quality and durable plates are placed as inner walls within the ESPs (electrostatic precipitators).As they are vibrated they help in the loosening and the collection of the particles. Usually a set of plates are used and placed parallel for maximum energy efficiency and high amount of collection.

Discharge Electrodes

The discharge electrodes also known as the discharge plates are usually insulated from the rest of the EPS. To charge them, direct electricity is used. This electrical charge then ionizes the particles and ushers them in the direction of the collecting electrodes.

Opposite high voltage plates are used for this. On one hand, the positive plates charge the suspended particulate matters. On the other hand, the negative plate creates a force of attraction that pulls the particles towards it and collects them in one place, to be passed on the collection plates

This is just a brief overview of some of our popular products from the last quarter. Keeping the current market demand in view, we supply collecting and discharge electrodes of varying types and sizes. We also offer both European and American designs of ESPs.

If you are interested to know more about our other products or if you require more in-depth information on the technology used by us, we will be happy to share our entire product listing with you.

Get Replacement Parts

Already have an existing air pollution control panel? Cannot find the right sized replacement parts? When worry when you have the DMSL edge with you?

If your air pollution control unit is not made from the right material or if its design is not up to the mark, it may get damaged on heavy duty usage. On such occasions, instead of replacing the entire system, we can help you to replace only the faulty parts.

Even if the machine has not been supplied by us, we fabricate the parts as per the dimensions required by you. So for any kind of replacement, you can approach us with any kind of hesitation.

After Sales Support

When you form a relation with DMSL, we make it a point to sustain it throughout our life. To ensure this, we go out of our way to provide you with the best after sales support. From the placement of pride, to delivery and installation, our support team is ever present, removing the slightest difficulty that you may encounter on your path.

Even if you encounter any problem in the machinery after a long period from installation, our team is more than willing to provide you with the required support and technical expertise.

Our dedicated team of in-house engineers will immediately survey and access the factors that are likely to have caused the problem. Following this, we endeavour to find quick and easy solutions so that you may resume operation in no time.

Contact Us Today

We are proud to say that we are one of the leading lifting beams and collecting electrode manufacturers in India. Our products are also being used and emulated some of our neighbouring nations. To know more about our products and avail the quotes, get in touch with us today.

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