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As conveyer pipes, the ERW tubes are indispensable. A wide variety of industrial domains use these tubes extensively. We are one of the leading names in the market today for manufacturing and supplying of the welded tubes of different varieties. You will find a plethora of choices for these tubes with us in terms of sizes and shapes.

Read on to know more about the tubes we make keeping your requirements in mind.

ERW Tubes-An Overview

ERW tubes are nothing but Electric Resistant Welded tubes. These are an integral part of plenty of industries. Both seam welding and spot welding techniques are used to manufacture this variety of section. In general, we use the seam welding method to make a square, rectangular, or round-shaped tubes.

In the process of building these precision tubes, we force the edges together and heat it at high temperature for the joining to take place. After the removal of the external flash welding, we put these pipes through several levels of rolling to let these attain their expected levels of precision. After this process, we straighten and cut the tubes as per the requirements.

We, at Dewas Metal Sections Ltd., manufacture a wide range of ERW tubes belonging to a varying range of size, shape, quality and thickness. Based on the requirement of any industry, you will find a diverse collection of these tubes with us.

Advantages Of Using ERW Tubes

The extent of use of this variety of tubes substantiates the level of utility of these. Several industries dealing with a varying range of tasks use these tubes extensively. Hence, this one is not an industry-specific requirement, but a pan-industry necessity. Here are some of the advantages of using ERW tubes that make these indispensable for the smooth operation of many industries.

  • High-grade accuracy of dimensions of this variety of tubes makes it a superior one. Owing to strip rolling, the level of accuracy increases for this tube than the seamless varieties.
  • The ERW tubes also feature strong mechanical properties which make these, one of the industry indispensables. With a lesser concentration of carbon content in steel, ERW is always a better choice over the seamless varieties. Durability, strength, and optimum performance always remain aligned with ERW tubes.
  • The ERW tubes come with a uniform thickness of the walls, these add to the stability and durability of the pipes. Hence, these tubes are considered to be ideal for the industries.
  • Featuring a better steel elongation, this variety of welded tubes is perfect for most industries.
  • The impact toughness of the ERW tubes is higher which makes it a better choice over the rest of the varieties

All our ERW tubes are perfect for any industry. We maintain all the industry standards for manufacturing the tubes which make each of our products flawless. Dewas Metal Section Ltd believes in nothing short of the best. Accordingly, we keep our welded tubes collection varied, top-notch, and ideal for all.

Use Of Electric Resistant Welded Tubes

The number of industries using this variety of tubes is simply huge. The extensive application of this pipe proves that utility of the same in various domains of industries. From engineering machinery production industry to chemical industries, most of the domains use these welded tubes.

Several industries like refineries, chemical industries, textile machinery construction industry, etc. use ERW tubes extensively. It is the precise shape and the structural strength of these tubes that make these, one of the most utilitarian varieties of sections.

We try to keep our gamut varied so that everyone gets something suitable for their needs. Our collection of Electric Resistant Welded tubes includes several sizes and varieties to enable flexible selection.

Materials Used To Manufacture ERW Tubes

We, at Dewas Metal Sections Ltd., use only the best quality material for manufacturing our wide range of products. Especially when it comes to a specialized and popular item like the ERW tubes, we only focus on the quality. After the production, we put each piece through a thorough check to measure its precision and quality.

As per the industry standards. We understand that both the initial quality of the raw material and quality control during the manufacturing process determines the quality of the final product. Hence, we keep a special check on both the parameters to ensure nothing short of the best quality ERW tubes.

Even though we use several grades of steel for making the ERW tubes. We keep the sizes of these tubes as per the industry standards. However, customisation is possible if you would let us know prior hand.

Reasons For Choosing Us

  • Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. is a renowned name in the market that stands for reliability, trust, quality, and perfection.
  • Our variety is our power. We understand the varying range of requirement of the different industries and keep our assortment diverse accordingly
  • Customization is an option available with us that makes our services more flexible
  • Our team of experts and engineers understand the requirement of specific industries and offer our clients valuable suggestions and guidance
  • We keep the prices of all our products pocket-friendly
  • We use only the industry best raw material for the manufacturing of our products
  • We maintain all the industry norms while manufacturing our range of products

At Dewas Metal Sections Ltd, you will a get a wide range of sections of different quality, sizes, and dimension to match your requirement. Serving our clients has always been our focus, and we aim at bringing a smile of each of our clients’ faces through our dealings.

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