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Dewas Metal Sections Ltd WP

Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. is one of the most renowned and reliable names in the market today for metal sections. Our variety, quality, and customer-centric approach have earned us this stature in the market. The engineering domain keeps evolving every day. Keeping the same in mind, we also keep on adding new varieties of sections to match the industry requirement.

Be it a civil construction, industrial shed, or agricultural construction, durability and stability make a structure worthy.  Hence, we keep our range of sections strong enough to lend every construction its expected level of durability. Here are some of the varieties of sections that make our gamut varied.

We keep our focus fixed on the varying demand patterns of the engineering industry. This helps us comprehend the requirement for the varying channels in the market. All of these are available in different sizes, thickness, and material.


Strut channels are primarily used for installation works. Depending on the type of the commodity getting installed, the shape, size, thickness, strength, and the metal variety of the channels must be opted for.

These channels make sure your installation process gets over without any hassle and hefty expenses. All our strut channels are made from premium quality material that ensures durability. Easy to handle and strong, Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. offers the best varieties of strut channels at a reasonable price.

Moreover, we make sure that you do not have to spend a lot on labour engagement. Our strut channels reduce the labour cost as it negates the necessity of involving several labours for installation.

Sigma Sections

Sigma sections are another integral part of construction projects. Several industries use sigma sections of varying thickness, material, and strength. Dewas Metal Sections Ltd., aims to serve all the industries that use engineering product. Hence, we keep our gamut varied and full of variety. We are confident that our range of sigma section would be perfect for any industry requiring these regardless of their size of operations. Also, we keep the quality high and the prices low to fit into the budget of every engineering company.


  • Sigma sections offer the utmost strength and load support to rooftops
  • All our sigma sections come made of superior quality materials and offer a varying range of load-bearing capacity
  • A robust top flange ensures stability for the structure. All our sigma sections are technically flawless and offer extensive support to your construction

We keep our gamut of sigma sections available at affordable price.  We understand that all these fitting and load-bearing tools are significant for the overall strength of any structure and rust can be a source of damage for these. Hence, we keep our products rust-resistant to ensure durability.

Customized Cold Roll Formed Profiles

Special construction and engineering works depend on special cold roll forms. A uniform variety can never match the wide variety of requirement the domain of engineering works has. Hence, at Dewas Metal Sections Ltd., we have kept our assortment full of varieties. Each of our customized cold roll formed profiles is perfect for industries that look for sections with strength, durability, and quality. Here are some of the industries that use such cold roll formed profile frequently.

  • Building Construction
  • Industrial Equipment Manufacturers
  • Civil Engineering
  • Transportation
  • Automobile
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Environment

Almost every variety of engineered products features some variety of sections. The delicate curves, corners, and junctures of a machine or a tool cannot be fixed appropriately without fitting sections. We make sure that our clients get only the best from our collection. Hence, we check each section individually post-production to guarantee no flaws.

If you have a requirement, we have a solution. Hence, we keep the customization option available to widen the scope of our services. If you want something out of the box, let us know, and your sections will be ready accordingly within time. It is our quality and customer-first motto that has earned us a reputation in the market. Your confidence is what we work for, and thus, we keep our assortment customizable based on your needs.

Triangular Creel

Any construction or engineering industry requires sections of different shapes. We understand the volume and variety of requirement the industries might have. Accordingly, we keep our assortment full of choices and varieties. A simple, flat, rectangular-shaped section might not be your requirement all the time. A special shape like T, C, L or triangle can be what you are looking for. Thus we manufacture sections of almost every possible shape that can be used to offer strength to your constructions and machinery.

The triangular creel is one such specialized variety of sections available at Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. Indispensable as a textile machinery part, triangle creels can be of various types. While some prefer the steel ones, some prefer the aluminium ones. With us, you will find all the varieties available in the market. We offer a one-roof shop for all our clients to choose the most suitable section for their work.

If you fail to find the fittest one from our gamut, opt for our flexible customization facility. We promise to deliver nothing short of what you expect. Go through our extensive gamut of products and choose the ones that best fit your requirement and budget.

Z Purlin

Construction is as strong as its shell structure. Z purlins are metal made horizontal purlins that add strength, stability, and durability to the joints between the roof and the walls. Be it the engineering industry, agricultural industry, civil construction domain, or any other, Z purlins are considered the source of strength for most construction.

We, at Dewas Metal Sections Ltd, make sure that we manufacture nothing short of the best quality Z purlins that can offer your construction an uncompromised strength. All our products aim towards making your work perfect. Hence, we use only the best quality metals to manufacture our sections. Also, the precision and uniformity of our sections make sure that you get no scope to complain.

When it comes to strength, there are a few options available in the market that can match the strength of Z purlins. We make sure that all our Z purlins are strong, durable, precision-made, and corrosion-resistant. Pick the most suitable ones from our gamut to lend strength to your construction.

C purlins

C purlins are integral to construction requirements. Plenty of industries use this section to make the sheds and junctures stronger and stable. Here are some of the advantages of using C purlins for construction requirements.

  • It helps extend the length of any side of a construction
  • Compared to other options, the erection of C purlin is easier
  • These are easy to handle and fast to erect
  • You do not have to cut or drill for C purlin aided installation
  • These lend the construction its desired level of straightness and dimension
  • Cold rolling formation makes C purlins tolerant

Our C purlins are competent enough to match every requirement of the variety of industries that use these. Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. aims at making each of the sections, premium-grade. We never compromise with the quality of metals or the calculations to ensure uniformity for the sections. This is what makes us one of the best in the market. We attribute our fame to our team of experts who relentlessly put in their best to make our journey a commendable one.

The market has plenty of section manufacturers. Here are some of the reasons why you should settle for us.

  • We use only the premium quality metals to manufacture our range of sections.
  • We keep our prices low enough to make our range of products affordable to everyone.
  • Our variety is our strength. No matter what you need, you will get with us.
  • Delivery is something we never delay. You can be sure of receiving your order on time every time you will choose us for your requirement of sections.
  • To us, our clients and customers are the most important. Hence, we keep our focus pinned on the varying range of requirements of our customers.

If you are looking for quality sections, choose Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. Our products and team of experts will never give you any room for grievance.