Solar Module Mounting Structure

Rising consumption of electricity and the need to decrease carbon footprint are two are the most prominent reasons for the quick growth in renewable energy technologies. Ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals are further boosting this trend.

One of the most efficient and eco-friendly ways of generating electricity is by converting sunlight using photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies. With ample sunlight all through the year, solar power has become a hugely viable source of energy.

At DMSL, we manufacture robust solar panel mounting structures to support the solar PV panels. Being a leading solar mounting structure supplier, we offer high-performance steels, structural solutions for PV, advanced metallic coatings, and solar thermal installations. Our smart and high-tech solutions allow your buildings to easily generate solar energy.

Currently, our company has manufacturing plants in Dewas, Pune, and Ranipet. With a humongous production capacity and 4 decades of noteworthy experience, we have been offering unmatched value to all our customers.

Some of the greatest advantages of working with us include:

  • Huge manufacturing capacity with three units positioned in strategic locations
  • In-house design and tool room that caters to a vast spectrum of projects with different sectional requirements
  • Reduced cost of structure that supports a lower solar power project cost

A Wide Variety of Solutions for Solar Systems

From tailor-made services to a vast range of products, we are your global partner for any kind of solar project. We are deeply committed to developing safe and sustainable solar panel mounting structures for all solar applications.

We deal in an extensive range of solar sections that vary in sectional dimensions and thickness. Our products are used in:

  • Rooftop mounting structure
  • Ground mounting structure

Some of our most widely used solar sections include the following:

  1. C-Channels: With the valuable assistance of our trained team of professionals, we deal in a range of high-quality C-Channels. Made from galvanized iron, the standard design finds immense application in solar panels.

Z-Purlin: This is a new section used for building sheds. It is commonly used for roofing instead of hot rolled channels and angles. One of the greatest advantages of using this section is that it can save up to 30-40% material compared to the traditional sections of the same strength.

At Dewas Metal, we believe that every project is unique. Our solar module mounting structures are designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of our clients. We strive to put forth solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and conform to all the obligatory safety standards.

Our in-house design team comprises of skilled technicians who put a more-than-usual focus on ensuring practicality of design. They possess deep knowledge of all the globally accepted designing tools that are used to obtain the desired outcomes.

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