Metal Beam Crash Barrier

Metal Crash barriers are basically Road safety system which prevents vehicles:

  1. From colliding with obstacles such as boulders, walls, buildings and 
  2. Also prevents vehicles entering into large storm drains, steep slopes or deep water


  • Absorbs maximum impact of the vehicle and ensure minimum damage to the vehicle and the occupants.
  • During night and bad weather act as a visual guide to the drivers
  • The impact energy is reduced to the maximum possible extent, due to the friction between the W/Thrie beams and the vehicle, enabling gradual deceleration of the vehicle into the carriage way.
  • The vehicle is prevented from skidding back into the carriage way, thus avoiding the risk to flowing traffic.


  • National Highways, Expressways, Bridges and Flyovers.
  • High embankments / Sharp curves and Banks.
  • Mines, collieries, etc. where continuous movement of vehicles is envisaged.
  • High density fast moving traffic areas in cities.
  • Village areas along highways.
  • Motor racing / Test drove tracks.
  • Crash test sites
  • Factory areas
  • Traffic safety in Airports
  • Plants handling hazardous chemicals
  • Multi-Story parking lots

Components in Crash Barriers

W Beam

  • Cold roll formed in thickness of 3.00 mm/2.67 mm
  • Raw material conforming to IS 5986 Grade:Fe 360/Fe 410/ Fe 510, IS 10748 Grade II or eqvt.
  • Hot dip galvanized to 550 gms/sq.m

Posts & Spacer

  • Cold roll formed in thickness of 5.00 mm/4.2 mm
  • Raw material conforming to IS 5986 Grade:Fe 360/Fe 410, IS 10748 Grade II or eqvt.
  • Hot dip galvanized to 550 gms/sq.m.


  • M20 and M16 fasteners as per IS 1367 Grade 4.6/8.8
  • Hot dip galvanized

End Special

  • 3 mm/2.67 mm thick turned down end terminals
  • 3/2.67 mm thick press formed end terminals (Fish tail)
  • 3/2.67 mm U shaped terminals as median end terminals


  • Anchored in ground as per Clause 810.
  • Anchored in concrete on shoulders (If specified)
  • Anchored in concrete with base frame on bridges

Your Trust- Our Success

In the four decades since our inception, DMSL has been continuously growing and achieving new heights of success. We credit all our success to your incredible faith in us, along with the hard work of our team to provide service above and beyond what our clients expect.

Analysis by Experts

The team of engineers at DMSL include of the best talents of the metal industry in India. Solving your problems and providing the best solutions is not just our profession; it is our passion. Perhaps it is this passion that helps us to consistently deliver the best kind of results.If you have some problems with your existing parts, our experts analyse it for you and suggest the fastest and most cost effective solution.


To streamline the production process and reduce the amount of wastage.

  • The Durability of The Product: A material that offers you superior service today but fails in the test of time is totally against the goals of DMSL. Since we endeavour to supply our clients with products that offer quality service through- out life, we also ensure that whatever material we may choose, it is also offers durability.
  • Cost Factor: We understand that while we all desire high quality products, we definitely do not want them to cut a hole in our budget. That is why we always make sure that the cost is also of an appropriate level and balanced with the quality.
  • Consistent Service: Each material that we choose undergo several rounds of rigorous testing so that there are lesser chances of failures at the later stage, once the products have been delivered to our clients.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: We want your commercial vehicle to no just serve well but look good too. All our parts are made out of such materials that can easily integrate with the rest of the design.

The decades of experience that we hold in this line has also fine-tuned our understanding of materials. It is when experience joins hand with expertise that exceptional designs are created. We have also worked with a wide variety of commercial vehicle designs over the years. So you can rely on us with closed eyes. There are high chances that we have worked on vehicles of similar design in the past.

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