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  • Shutter Lathe Sections From 1979

    Cold Rolled Formed Metal Section and Components

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  • From Shutter Lathe Sections in 1979

    Railway Section

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  • From Shutter Lathe Sections in 1979

    Solar Sections

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  • Shutter Lathe Sections From 1979

    Elevator Section

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Our Services

Air Pollution Control

Every day, tons of harmful and hazardous particles are left astray in our environment in the form of industrial waste.

Civil Engineering Sections

Being easy to install they have a wide application in domestic and commercial projects.

Automobile Sections

DMS has come up with new versions of floor panels and side panels to suit their specific requirements.

Our product line consists of following:

  • Air Pollution Sections
  • Automobile Section
  • Electrical Section
  • Elevator Sections
  • General Engineering Sections
  • Railway Sections
  • Solar Sections
  • Tubes Sections.

About Us

Nothing But The Best
We believe in excellence and quality services that makes our name different from the rest. Our rich experience and expertise in Cold Roll Formed Metal Sections make us one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. is known for its preeminence and progressive environment where creativity is nurtured and innovation is cultivated. With over four decades of revolutionary identity in industry we have come across several industries and specific businesses where our contract manufacturing services and product range finds great utility and is cost effective at the same time.

The brand has shaped its business to add value for customers by understanding their diverse needs, market insight and manufacturing capabilities, delivering beyond expectations. Succeeding through people, we built long-term collaborative relationships that underpin customer success.
Whether the challenge is to manufacture high volume standardized products to meet demanding schedules, or to design, prototype, test and deliver customized solutions, at Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. our customer is first priority. Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. has but one goal, delivering quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Customer can count on quality and excellent customer service.

The quality and excellence of the company have been endorsed by ISO:9001:2008 and TS: 16949 certification from British Standards Institution (BSI) U.K. This certification is not an end in itself, but a confirmation of our continued commitment towards lasting and natural quality.

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Our Specialization

    Specialization 1

    Z- Purlins the latest in purlin technology now replace conventional tubes and angles used in roofing. Having established themselves first with Architects. Engineers and Contractors of developed countries of the West, Z-Purlins are fast gaining popularity in our country also. What is outstanding about them is their veracity. Applicable in various styles of roofing and side cladding , they are capable of meeting the needs of diverse establishments requiring large sized roofing such as Railway Platforms, Workshops, Factory Sheds, Godowns and other Industrial Sheds.
    The Main Advantages of “Z” Purlis are :
    Savings upto 40-50% weight of structural steel and 25-30% in cost when compared to hot rolled angles.
    Saving upto 30-40% in weight and 15% in cost when compared to tubular purlins.
    We offer a wide range of sections to facilitate better and economical selection.
    Purlin erection is easier is easier than others.

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