Our Product Range

Glance through some of the popular products in our production line at present:

Floor Panel for Commercial Vehicles

The floor panel for commercial vehicle serves as the foundation and offers structural unity to your vehicle.

Our Product Range

Glance through some of the popular products in our production line at present:

Floor Panel for Commercial Vehicles

The floor panel for commercial vehicle serves as the foundation and offers structural unity to your vehicle. It also serves as the base for most of the mechanical components. When you have a good quality, floor panel, your vehicle as lesser chances of failures even under heavy duty.

Side Panel for Commercial Vehicles

The side panel for commercial vehicles which are also known as quarter panels add to the structural unity and strength of the vehicle. It runs between the rear portion and the boot space and finally wraps around the wheel well.By using strong yet light-weight materials that are not likely to corrode, our side panels offer your commercial vehicles much more than just structural unity. Given that they are light weight, they contribute towards the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Rear Panel

Rear panel as the name suggests forms the rear part of your vehicle. If your commercial fleet is used for carrying high volumes of good, it is likely that the rear panel may get damaged easily from rusting and corrosion. By using the right quality material and intelligent designing, we ensure that your rear panel remains good as new for years to come.Even with the heaviest usage, the real panels efficiently perform their duty and keep your fleet running without frequent maintenance needs.

Roof Hoof

The roof hoof also known as the bonnet of a commercial vehicle is quite different from that of the ordinary vehicles. If your roof hoof is not of the right quality, it may cave in with the slightest amount of pressure. To completely negate the danger from such design failures, the roof hoofs by DMSL are made from high-quality sheets that are cast together to provide superior strength.

Side Wall Belt

When vehicles carry fragile goods or when you have to travel through bumpy roads and inclines, the side wall belts become very important. Sturdy side wall belts can hold your goods in one place and keep them from slipping off and getting damaged.Apart from these the other parts that are produced by us include Angle Section, Hat Section, Load Body Panels, Top Hats, Heavy Gauge Profile, Special Section, Open Section, Open Profile, Panel Tailgate, Glass Guide and Panel Section
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Get Manufacturing Solution for All Your Automotive Needs

The Automotive world is progressing at a rapid pace in the present era. When we speak of automobiles, the first image that usually sparks in mind is of beautiful and shining luxury cars. However, a little less glamorous but far more crucial role is played by commercial vehicles.
The commercial vehicles carry both goods and a large number of passengers from one place to another.At present millions of commercial vehicles are plying on the road, ensuring that our necessary goods reach their destination within time. In a sense, the commercial vehicles are the lifeline of our economy. Owning a commercial vehicle fleet is also one of the most lucrative businesses of the present times. No wonder it enjoys such huge demand in the market today.Owing to this huge demand for newer and better commercial vehicles, there is a constant endeavour to upgrade the existing models. However, if you are the owner of commercial vehicles, you must be already aware of the several challenges that one has to face in this field.Finding genuine and good quality parts for your commercial vehicles fleet is often a very difficult task. While you may find the part within your budget, it may not meet the required quality, and likewise, the quality products are often sold at an exorbitantly high price. Further, finding custom parts for your vehicle such Lipped Channel and Angle of the right size is an equally challenging and time consuming process.

DMSL- One Solution to All Your Problems

Understanding this gap between demand and supply, we at DMSL have come up with the pledge to offer a holistic solution for all your commercial vehicular needs. Whether you need a new custom made part or you want an old part replaced, we ensure that you have to take zero hassles for the task to be done.Our team of in-house engineers have several years of experience and a genuine passion for providing quality solutions for all automotive needs. So, once you choose to avail our service, we can guarantee that you will return home with full satisfaction.

The Production Process

Our team at DMSL, has evolved a unique way of ensuring that the highest quality is maintained at the manufacturing stage. This unique way helps us to remain one step ahead of our competitors in the line.The method, though it may sound simplistic, has been offering dependable results over the years. This is what we call as the triple check method. Right from the time the materials are picked up, till they reach the production line, and the final results are produced, our experts triple check to ensure that everything is going as it has been conceptualised.Even after that, we go for a final quality control check, which follows stringent methods to ensure that the products which our customers receive are always high quality. No defective product can pass through such rigorous checkingApart from that, DMSL is also very lucky to have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who can tweak the production as per the individual needs of each different item. They are also very efficient in quickly solving the problems that may arise during the production stage. This helps to ensure that our manufacturing takes place in a time-bound manner, and we do not need to fail deadlines for our clients.
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Your Trust- Our Success

In the four decades since our inception, DMSL has been continuously growing and achieving new heights of success. We credit all our success to your incredible faith in us, along with the hard work of our team to provide service above and beyond what our clients expect.
To ensure your unfaltering faith on us, we take these five steps for every manufacturing solution that we provide:

Analysis by Experts

The team of engineers at DMSL include of the best talents of the automobile industry in India. Solving your problems and providing the best solutions is not just our profession; it is our passion. Perhaps it is this passion that helps us to consistently deliver the best kind of results.If you have some problems with your existing parts, our experts analyse it for you and suggest the fastest and most cost effective solution.


To streamline the production process and reduce the amount of wastage.
  • The Durability of The Product: A material that offers you superior service today but fails in the test of time is totally against the goals of DMSL. Since we endeavour to supply our clients with products that offer quality service through- out life, we also ensure that whatever material we may choose, it is also offers durability.
  • Cost Factor: We understand that while we all desire high quality products, we definitely do not want them to cut a hole in our budget. That is why we always make sure that the cost is also of an appropriate level and balanced with the quality.
  • Consistent Service: Each material that we choose undergo several rounds of rigorous testing so that there are lesser chances of failures at the later stage, once the products have been delivered to our clients.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: We want your commercial vehicle to no just serve well but look good too. All our parts are made out of such materials that can easily integrate with the rest of the design.
The decades of experience that we hold in this line has also fine-tuned our understanding of materials. It is when experience joins hand with expertise that exceptional designs are created.We have also worked with a wide variety of commercial vehicle designs over the years. So you can rely on us with closed eyes. There are high chances that we have worked on vehicles of similar design in the past.

Why Choose Us for Your Automotive needs?

If you are still wondering why you should choose us, here are some reasons that have been given by our clients themselves:Fast Delivery within Deadline: With three production units located at well-connected and strategic points, we can procure materials, manufacture and deliver even high volume of products with the stipulated time as given to us by our clientsBest Prices: Unmatched quality at the best market price has been the highlight of our company from the time it entered the market. We have still held on to our promise. Even if you survey the markets in our neighbouring countries, you will not be able to find the quality we offer at a price quoted by us. It is no wonder that many of fleet owners from these countries come to us for their needs. In house Experts: Our in-house team of experts can help you sort your problems in no time. In place of having to look for automobile experts outside, our in house experts offer free consultation and efficient solutions for all the problems that you have.

Get In Touch With Us Today

We are proud to say that all the clients who have collaborated with us once come back to us for their future needs too. With the best price guarantee, we completely dispel the need for you to spend hours and hours of your time in market research.Have a design in mind that you would like to discuss with us? Looking for quality spare products that can custom fit into your vehicle? Consult with us today and have all your queries sorted right away.
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