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Electric supply of construction is a significant part of it. Inappropriate installation of the various types of electrical equipment can lead to fatal accidents and damages. Hence, a safe and proper installation of the electrical equipment is a must to ensure the safety of the building or a premise.

Most construction projects include electrical integration as well. To successfully complete any construction project, you need channels, sections, and other fitting peripherals to ensure the utmost safety. Be it an electrical MCB or the main switch box, we, at Dewas Metal Sections Ltd., make sure that our clients get only the best quality channels and a section for the installation.

Our Variety

Our mission has always been to serve the customers and clients in the best way possible. In order to make it happen, we keep our collection varied in terms of thickness, quality, and sizes of the sections. Here is a brief about the products you will find available with us.

  • Lipped channels
  • DIN channels
  • Micro DIN channels
  • C profile for MCBs

Not all construction projects require the same variety of channels and sections. Depending on the purpose and volume of the construction, the demand for the sections also varies. Hence, we make sure that you get everything under one roof once you come to us.

The most commonly used sizes of the section remain available with us throughout the year. If you want any of those, you can place an order at any time. However, if you have a special requisition, we would be more than happy to help. With our customization option, you can always order for special sections. Based on your requirement and specifications, we shall make your sections ready without any delay.

Therefore, no matter what your requirement is, we have a solution for you with us. Our team of professionals and experts always remains available and ready to help you select the best one from the plenty available with us.

We manufacture Lip Channels as per DIN standard so that you get only the industry-best products. It is our quality that makes us one of the leaders in the market. We ensure the best quality every time and work towards upgrading our products daily while keeping the standard protocols of manufacturing in mind.

We also manufacture DIN Channel as per DIN standards to offer you the best products. All these channels are required by several industries that deal with electrical equipment installation. If you need multiple channels of different types, Dewas Metal Sections Ltd can be your one-stop solution at any point in time.

We rout our expertise and focus on making your constructions worthier. No matter if you are looking for a Micro DIN Channel as per DIN standard or a C profile to install an MCB, you can be sure of the quality every time you choose us.

Advantages of Using Channels

  • Nailing the channels on the surface is critical for perfect fitting. The Lip channels can be punched easily when the steel gets formed. Hence, Lip channels augment the process of installation and make the construction faster and easier.
  • If you want, we can roll the Lip channels to the length of your choice. This surely cuts down the unnecessary hassle you would have to go through if you were to cut the extra length. Therefore, Lip channels save hassle, time, and waste.
  • For manufacturing Lip Channels, we use cold roll formation. Premium grade steel material is generally used for these channels. Hence, all of our electrical installation channels are corrosion resistant and durable.
  • Lip channels and DIN channels also make sure that the best fitting is done for your construction. Our range of DIN and Lip channels is precise and durable. Choose any from our gamut to add value to your construction.

What Makes Us Stand Apart

Finding a metal section manufacturer is not difficult with hundreds of manufacturers available in the market. However, here are some of the reasons that make us stand apart from the rest.

  • We keep our gamut varied enough to meet the varying requirement of all sorts of industries and projects
  • Quality is something we never compromise. No matter what you need, you will get only the best with us.
  • We maintain the on-time delivery promise thoroughly. None of our clients or customers has ever complained about delayed delivery.
  • We try to keep our product prices reasonable and perfect to be fitted into any budget.
  • We guarantee the durability of our products, and you only get galvanized varieties of sections available with us.
  • We only use the best quality steel to manufacture these sections. Therefore, the load-bearing capacity of these is considerably high.
  • We also keep purchase opportunities flexible. No matter if you want sections in bulk or lesser quantity; we accept a variety of purchase orders.

Customized Sections

Our customization option makes us different from the rest of the section manufacturers in the market. We understand that everyone cannot have the same requisition. Hence, we keep this customization option open so that you can place the order of the section based on your requirement. If you need sections different from the standard ones, let our team of experts know your specification, and we guarantee you the perfect product without any delay. From material to size, from thickness to coating, we offer all-around customization for all our sections to meet your individual requirements.

Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. aims at making each product the fittest one for your requirements. Be it quality, maintenance of manufacturing standards, or delivery time, our services focus on customer satisfaction alone. If dealing with us has brought a glimpse of a smile on your face, we consider the same to be our reward and the inspiration to go ahead.  Explore our extensive gamut of sections and channels and pick the one that you find the most suitable for your requirement.

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