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The railway system has been serving India for more than 165 years now. Ever since the first passenger train took off on April 1853, the railway network in the country has been continuously growing owing to the huge demand that it enjoys. In fact, railways were counted as the most crucial infrastructural development that has been gifted to us by the British. Connecting innumerable, towns, villages and cities, it is also said to be a unifying factor amidst the diversity of our nation.

 The railway has especially been a boon to our economy. It has integrated markets, increased the pace of trade and made communication much easier. Even in this globalised world, where better and faster commutation means are available, our country is unthinkable without the railways system.

In fact, no other public transport can carry as many goods or people at one go as done by the railway. This feature of the railways is especially suited to our nation where there is already a tremendous pressure on the resources owing to the population figures.

In order to meet the needs of a newer and faster economy, the Indian Railways has been continuously endeavouring to bring in better and more reliable technology along with high quality and sturdy parts that can carry an even higher amount of people and goods at one go.

In this pledge to improve itself, DMSL has been constantly backing the railway sector. Find out more about our railway endeavours right here.

Avail Quality Railway Parts 

Dewas Metal Section Limited has a proud associate of Indian Railway for more than four decades now. In order to strengthen and improve the railway system, our team is constantly at work to make superior quality parts that are meant to last.

 With your trust combined with the constant endeavour of our team for perfection, we have been able to make our place among the top suppliers of railway parts such as End Stanchion, Sole Bar, Cross Stringer and Crib Angle in India.

Why Are We India’s Top Choice?

We have been often questioned by our happy clients and inquisitive peers about the secret behind our success. Well, both the reason and the result are before your very eyes. Here are some of the top reasons that make us the number one choice in India:

  • Large Manufacturing Capacity: When it comes to the heavy machinery industries such as the railways, it is important to provide consistent quality along with high quantity. We can understand that the country cannot wait for us to complete manufacturing when it comes to its growth. To provide the required quantity with the given time, DMSL has three different manufacturing units of the large capacity situated in prime locations of Pune, Dewas and Ranipet.

Each centre is staffed by qualified and experienced workmen who have prior experience in this line. If required, we are completely capable of ramping up our production numbers so that we can meet your demands within a minimal amount of time.

  • World-Class technology:We know that technology is never stagnant and constantly evolving with newer research and engineering technology. That is why we, as a team, believe in constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves.

 We not just take inspiration from the developments in our country; we also remain abreast with the technological developments in the other first-world nations.

  • Highest Quality Parts: We understand that superior products are created only when designing excellence meets the highest quality of production. That is why; we always place a special emphasis on producing such parts that are unmatched in terms of quality.

Each part, be it a Trough floor or a small bolt, that makes its way out of our industry goes through several rounds of quality and efficiency test. It is only when our top engineers are convinced with the quality that they reach their final destinations.

  • Cost Efficiency: We understand that for a growing economy such as ours, products that are extremely high in price will not provide effective solutions. It is this understanding that has propelled us to ensure that all our products and solutions are extremely cost-efficient.

However, do not hold the notion that a cut in price would also mean a compromise with the quality of the products. That is completely against the values of DMSL.

Rather by employing various economic measures and undertaking the entire process from fabrication to delivery in –house, we keep a check on the final price

  • Effective Logistics and Delivery:At DMSL, our duty does not end with the production only. We also make sure that the products reach their required destination within the given time in a systematic and time-bound fashion. For this, DMSL partners with some of the most reliable logistic services in the nation.

We also have our in-house logistics team to ensure that the delivery of consignments that are within our capacity. We take several safety precautions to ensure that the products remain intact even over long distances.

While these are the steps that we take from our end, they would not be enough to take us to the top had it not been for your trust. It is your trust and satisfaction that works as an incentive for our team to touch newer heights of success.

The DMSL Methodology

At DMSL, we produce a solution for air pollution control, heavy automobiles, general engineering, railways and much more. Even with such a diverse range of products, we are able to retain our quality by following a special methodology. Go through this brief to know more:

Analysing the Requirement

When you place the demand for any requirement to us, we don’t simply jump up and start producing it. Our experts first analyse the requirement thoroughly so that we may understand just the kind of solution that you are looking for.

The material that we usually use is from 1.7mm to 10.00 mm in thickness. Good quality material ensures structural integrity and long-time durability of the materials produced.

Approval and Production

Following the approval, the products go to the production cycle. Based on the specific needs of each of the products, our engineers decide on the production process and bring necessary changes to that effect. The production time required differs from product to product. However, our constant endeavour is always to ensure that we can produce quality goods of the specified standards within the least possible amount of time.

Our entire team is extremely proficient in their task. This adds to the swift production process and ensures that minimal amount of time is invested at each stage. Since heavy industrial goods such as railway parts are usually required in high quantity, we have prepared ourselves in such a way that we can handle the heaviest quantity with ease and with no compromise on quality.

Quality Check

One of the most crucial steps in the DMSL methodology is the quality check post-production. SO far, we have not received a single complaint regarding the quality of parts produced by us, and we would like to keep up this record.

For this, a three-step quality check procedure is followed. First, the materials are checked during the procurement. Any anomaly from the stipulated standard is not entertained, and complete replacement is done for the raw materials that are not up to the mark.

Following this, quality check mechanisms have been set up using the latest technology during various stages of the production cycle. These tests are so stringent that even a slight problem is taken into account, and the software immediately sends an alarm to our ground staff at the factory floor.

The faulty pieces are set aside and sent for recycling that saves us a lot of the resources. After the whole production process is complete, the final products are once again put to several tests manually. When each of the products undergoes such a rigorous testing process, one has little left to worry regarding the quality.

Our Product Range

Some of the popular railway parts produced by us include the following:

  • Cant Rail Assembly for coaches
  • Longitudinal beam for Coaches
  • Light Rail Waist Rail for wagons
  • Support Angle
  • Door frame
  • End Stanchion
  • Sole Bar
  • Cross Stringer
  • Crib Angle

While these maybe some of the products, our production capacity is in no way limited to these items alone. We will be happy to share the complete list with you if you are interested.

Apart from that, we also make custom products depending on the unique needs of each of our clients. If you have any specific design in mind, our expert team will be happy to discuss it with you and give the final shape to your dreams.

For those who are facing problems with their products or of your product is not turning out as you expected, our experts can suggest alternate materials and simple design changes that can ensure its success in a cost-efficient manner.

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Need quality railway part supplies? DMSL will be happy to serve you and provide you with the best solution for your needs. With the best pricing for each of our product, you need not waste any of your time on market research. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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